KAMP is a grassroots educational program that works with San Diego high school and middle school students who are enrolled in Filipino language classes and with local college students, recent graduates, and working professionals who serve as volunteer staff and mentors.

Our Mission and Vision

KAMP’s mission to foster an educational program in and out of the classroom that develops critical thinking skills and primarily focuses on the study of Filipino and Filipino American culture, history, and identity in order to pursue social justice.

KAMP’s vision is to empower and inspire our youth to be fully participatory and transformative in our local and global communities.

Our Goals

  • To mentor our students and each other in the development of our skills and exploration of our identities.
  • To educate others and ourselves about our history, culture, identity and community issues.
  • To create dynamic learning spaces grounded in dialogue and the communal production of knowledge.
  • To put knowledge into action by creating coalitions and advocating for increased social justice in our community and abroad.